Why is flat fee recruitment so cost-effective for Employers?

We know that job seekers today will scour a range of job boards throughout their job search – there so many generic job sites, specialist job boards and region specific job boards. The cost of posting a job advert on many different boards can really add up. Employers in the United Kingdom identified many skills in demand across the UK in the new research produced by Robert Walters, Jobsite and totaljobs. Now, it’s becoming more difficult to find right candidate. According to research carried out by the Daily Telegraph, You Gov and EasyJet, attracting the right talent is the major issue affecting the UK’s SME businesses.

Flat fee recruitment is a new, cost-effective recruitment solution. Fixed fee recruitment agencies like RightTalent.co.uk charge one single fee to post vacancies across a wide range of UK’s top online job boards (these sites may include: TotalJobs, Reed.co.uk, Jobsite, Monster, CareerBuilder, Fish4Jobs, JobsToday, jobs near me) and cover almost every specialist sector (for example IT jobs may be included on ITJobBoard, whereas accountancy jobs may be included on AccountancyAgeJobs, FinanceDirector, care assistant jobs on CareAssistantjobs.co.uk etc.). and can target social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. They then gather and screen applications of potential candidates before supplying employers with the most suitable pool of candidates for the position. Flat fee recruitment companies can purchase advertising space in bulk so that that flat rate remains low in comparison to using traditional recruitment companies.

In a nut shell, using flat rate recruitment agencies saves time, money and administration. It also provides maximum exposure to the job vacancy reaching millions of potential job seekers, and minimises the work that individual employers need to do to find a great pool of candidates to interview. A fixed fee avoids the mounting costs and administration of individually targeting different job sites and advertising mediums. Additionally, if your job advert isn’t generating as many application you have expected, the Flat Fee Recruiter can then resource the position.  This means searching on multiple CV databases or social media sites in order to find right candidates who may not be actively looking and applying for roles, but are perfect for your position.

Flat fee recruitment agencies such as RightTalent.co.uk can help with everything from reviewing the advert, ensuring your vacancy appears prominently on search engines to making interview ready candidates available for you. This way, there is no need for you to be a recruitment expert to find the best employees for your business saving you 75% on recruitment costs. This is not the case all the time. If your role is particularly a specialist role and very difficult location for commuting, you may struggle to fill without the help of a Recruitment Agency. Some Flat fee recruiters like RightTalent.co.uk will also offer traditional recruitment services (Risk free No Placement No Fee basis) at a flat fee of 10%.

Hopefully, by now you know whether or not Flat Fee Recruitment is the one for you, depending on your budget, situation, location, and the role you want to recruit for. If you are still undecided, please contact us. Our team of experts are on the end of the phone to help decide on the best Recruitment Solutions for you.

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